Name: Ninel Kurmakhina

Date of birthday: 8 April 1982 Zodiac

Zodiac: Aries

Oriental horoscope: Dog

Place of birth: Nikolayevka, Ukraine

Activities: tattoo – artist, photographer, designer


To date, Ninel Kurmahina is an tattoo – artist, photographer, designer. She travels a lot, exploring the techniques of the great masters of the past in museums and collections of the world, get acquainted with the masterpieces of culture, feeling the need for constant self-improvement.


NINEL KURMAHINA was born in 1982 in Nikolaevka (Ukraine) in a poor family of Russian immigrants. The elder brother was a faithful companion for her childhood and good attachment to him Ninel has carried through all cobwebs in her life. Father of Ninel (Kurmahin Nikolai Petrovich) is Russian teacher, from the family of fighting hero from the Second World War. Mother (Kurmahina Lyudmila Ivanovna) – Russian medic, from a family of wooden log huts builders.


Young Ninel fascinated by drawing, copying the book illustrations and reproductions, developing their own romantic style, embodying her dreams about traveling and adventures while was in secondary school. She did not think about how to make art his life’s work at that date. After school she decides to enter the Art Institute of Design, but having studied for a year in art school- stops moving in the direction of creativity and goes to work in gambling. Had made a successful career, she decides to return to the world of creativity like interior designer. At this time she is also studying photography as an art. She opens her own PALETTE design studio, where she works with clients from America, Europe, Russia. KURMAHINA spent bit of time in her historic homeland. In 2012, she decided to move to Milan. Ninel planned to increase their skills and gain experience. In 2014 he was enrolled in the Art Academy of Brera in Milan. She could not study because she was waiting for more important project of her life – motherhood. Milan acquaints her with many creative people, artists and she starts to take part in collective exhibitions from 2015. She takes part in competitions as a photographer. One of them LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards.
She has a diploma of Kiev College of Technology and Management, where she was listed in the Faculty of Administration.


Since childhood she met with the painting, prefers bright styles like surrealist, portrait and an experimenter. Design experience and many projects contribute to the development of style and creativity. Her inspiration in silent film ” My favorite genre in cinema – silent movie, where you can create a whole scene of the film by one touch of a button, when the modern technology was not much developed, then do not even have a color TV! In the silent film to reach the audience, to win their attention could be through the emotional transfer. Emotions without words, accompanied only by music and that’s was the impetus of my creativity. So it is possible to convey the emotional context, whether it be a painting or photograph. From here the conceptual realism has its roots in my work “- she would say later, experimenting with photography. Her travels also leave their mark and influence on creativity. Living a year in Africa a good experience to open new horizons, new experiences and a desire to move towards the artistic direction. The most vivid memory of it when she saw the trees with blue leaves, recalling that as a child she once painted trees with blue instead green leaves, but her painting teacher explained that there are no trees with blue leaves in nature, ah the teacher would know that it was wrong . A trip to Asia left in the minds of Ninel extraordinary impression Inspired by the beauty and harmony of the east, including ethical and mental connected with the art of harmony of body and soul in the world. During this period, she begins to show a passion for the art of tattooing. Tattooing is a special kind of art that is characteristic distinguishing features are divided into types, styles and methods of making. The process of applying pigment to the skin, performed by local injury of the skin with the introduction into the subcutaneous tissue of the coloring pigment; own patterns on the body made in this way .. this is what remains constant! In the attraction in this art, she continues to work on the “canvas” of her customers.